Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA Uniforms: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

This is not only the start of the basketball season but also a chance for me to ridicule and praise the various uniform changes. So, I'm going to take an old western approach to the new unis.

The Good:
Orlando - The Magic have added a little bit of old school to their predominantly new unis with the addition of pinstripes. The pinstripes work because they are semi-close together while curving out towards the shoulders. The jersey gives the Magic a special, unique futuristic look for their 20th Anniversary.

Toronto - The Raptors ridded themselves of the half-half purple-black uniform in favor of an all-black alternate jersey. In fact, purple has been eliminated from the color scheme in favor of a harder, classical black and red. And have you ever seen a purple raptor?

The Bad:
Sacramento - The Kings' new uniforms have the same color scheme, just different lettering. From far away (or even on TV), it is tough to read the black letters on the purple jerseys. We all know it says 'Kings' but we can't distinguish the number of the player.

Oklahoma City - I have already ranted about the Thunder's nickname and colors, so I'm going to go lightly this time. Their uniforms suck. But especially the road blues. The two-tiered 'Oklahoma City' does not flow, is not traditional and very tough on the eyes. And as if yellow, blue and orange weren't bad enough.

The Ugly:
Minnesota - The Wolves' road blue jersey is changed from last year's 'Timberwolves' jersey. The lettering has become larger even though the word is the same. The green trees are way too exagerated and are far too bright. Even the blue got lighter. They look like the WNBA affiliate, the Minnesota Lynx.

New Orleans - Ok, so I said I liked pinstripes. But the Hornets' new pinstripes I do not like. They also give a throwback feel to them, but back to Charlotte. Yellow, featured prominently last year, has all but been eliminated from the color scheme. Yellow is a vital color for the Hornets as it helps to captue the spirit of New Orleans. Also, the pinstripes are too far apart to look good. Last year's unis weren't the best, but they also weren't the worst.

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