Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fantasy Heartbreak

Who would've thought Kyle Orton would screw me over? Who would've thought that Matt Prater would be my most consistent player? Who would've thought I would start out 1-4? Not me.

I thought I was destined for fantasy glory with Tom Brady on my team. That was all I needed, right? Right...?

But then came Week 1 when Marcus Pollard's helmet introduced itself to Tom Brady's left knee.

But that was only the beginning.

My team has suffered so many injuries I might have a frequent visitor pass to the hospital. After Brady, my first round pick, went down with a season-ending knee injury, I traded for Carson Palmer to be Aaron Rodgers' backup. But no, both those guys have to tease me all week with their "questionable" status.

Then, Willie Parker's knee and Ryan Grant's hamstring decide they don't want to work.

Joey Galloway's foot refuses to heal.

Even reliable Dallas Clark somehow gets injured.

Because of these injuries, I dropped the disappointing, underachieving, terrible Chris Perry and picked up Tampa quarterback Brian Griese. I thought Griese and Earnest Graham would tear apart Denver's 30th-ranked defense.

But no.

Griese, wanting to be like my other quarterbacks, injures himself in the third quarter leading to the decline of my team. Graham never got on track and I thought my day was over.

But then like a light from the heavens, the inept, anemic Cincinnati offense actually scored. Like a real 6-point touchdown.

The Cowboy defense (who my opponent happened to own) seemed to fold with ease. My hopes were high, I was only down by 6 points with a whole quarter to go.

Just as I thought maybe, just maybe, I would make a comeback from a 35 point deficit, Perry found a way to kill me even when he wasn't on my squad.

Perry coughed up the ball on Cincinnati's next possession leading to a 60-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens, resulting in a new 19 point hole that was next to impossible to climb out of.

So I sat there, heartbroken and once again found myself hating Chris Perry.

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