Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wait, They're Actually Called the Thunder?

I thought it was some cruel, nasty, not funny, very late April Fools' Joke. But unfortunately its not.

There is a professional basketball team that is seriously, honestly, really, seriously called the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And that is not good.

And I thought that the NBA's worst nickname came from Toronto, where Raptors are commonly seen on street corners. Or maybe from Utah, where mountains somehow correlate to Jazz music.

But now the NBA has another team with no plural meaning (Heat, Magic, Jazz and now Thunder) and one that is really terrible. Among the name choices were the Bandits and the Barons or thank-God-they-didn't-pick the Energy. The Bandits and Barons have spunk and potential compared to a loud noise.

A noise that relies on a storm rather than on itself. A noise that only strikes fear when unexpectedly touches down. A noise that is just about pointless.

But now we have the Thunder, a franchise whose colors are blue, yellow and orange and jerseys look like Chewbacca's vomit.

But no, they actually are called the Oklahoma City Thunder. And that is not good.

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