Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seth Rogen = College Football

Because I love Seth Rogen so much and because he is simply amazing, I decided to assign each of his movie characters to a Top 5 college football team.

-The 40-Year-Old Virgin's Cal
Supportive coworker finds his way to glory.
After muddling in mediocrity in the SEC, finally back in the hunt.

-Knocked Up's Ben
Has a great night, makes a mistake and fixes it in time for his big day.
After loss to Texas, Sooners will fix it in time for the championship.

-Superbad's Officer Michaels
Acting like something he's not, he ends up messing up in the end.
After win over Oklahoma, Longhorns will stumble later in the season.

-Pineapple Express' Dale
Associated with the wrong crowd, finds himself fighting for his life.
Coached by Urban Meyer, Gators fight for season after loss to Ole Miss.

-Zack and Miri Make a Porno's Zack
Desperate for anything, reaches for a drastic change from tradition.
-Penn State
In a rut offensively, Penn State moves from their run-first scheme to the spread.

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ipanda said...

lmao bro i love the relation between the movies ^_^