Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have an idea and I could make millions.

Now just imagine a bunch of guys on ice trying to put a black rubber cylinder in a goal without getting his head torn off.

Oh wait, that already exists? It already started? What's it called? That's right, its hockey and half of America has never heard of it.

But who cares about hockey? Hockey has dropped off so much that NASCAR has surpassed it as the fourth major "sport."

The last time hockey was a major, relevant, American sport, boxing and horse racing were also very popular.

In addition to the lockout a couple years ago, this season opened overseas in Sweden and the Czech Republic. The NBA has played preseason games in Europe, just as the NFL played a game in London, to spread the popularity of the game in places it was unknown. But hockey is THE sport in Sweden and Czech, so it doesn't make sense to globalize the game. Hockey needs all its games in North America, not Europe.

So maybe I could make millions with my idea, but because of the marketing, or lack thereof, the NHL is not.

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