Sunday, October 19, 2008

Change We Can Believe In

For a while it was a close competition. The past weeks events have helped to shape the race. But now, one by one, people are making their decision.

No, it's not the presidential race, it's the newfound quarterback controversy at the University of Miami.

This debate has been the most polarizing issue among devoted Hurricanes fans. Should inconsistent Robert Marve start or should steady and successful Jacory Harris get the nod.

The coaching staff sent mixed signals yesterday in Miami's 49-31 win at Duke. In finishing the first half, Harris led Miami on a scoring drive, bringing the 'Canes within 17-14. Harris seemed to ooze confidence and savvy in what turned out to be the start of his best game. In the second half, head coach Randy Shannon made the decision to send Harris out for a second half of work.

Much like he should for the last half of the season.

However, Shannon has maintained that Marve is still his starting quarterback. Marve has been less than impressive after being dubbed the next Vinny or Bernie or Ken. But right now, he looks like Kyle Wright. When he has been told to not try to win the game by himself, Marve forces balls into double or sometimes triple coverage. As a result, he has 9 interceptions against 7 touchdowns.

Harris, in contrast, has not forced balls but has still found ways to win the game almost by himself. In the Duke game, he threw for 4 TDs and ran for another. In total, Harris is completing 60% of his passes and has 7 total touchdowns compared to 3 interceptions.

And yes, maybe he has less experience than his competitor, but Harris has brought a welcome change from the last few dismal years.

Harris brings the change that yes, we can believe in.

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