Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 104th World Series: Phillies vs. Rays

Okay, so I was wrong about both League Championship Series. And I was wrong about the pitching staffs. But now, upon further reevaluation, I see my mistakes.

I classified the Rays club as inexperienced when in fact all they were was young. They were not jaded by the lights, sounds and feelings of playoff baseball. They were the ones doing the mesmerizing.

With their power pitching, potent lineup and cowbells, the Rays have done more than win the American League. They have ignited a sleeping city, while also establishing a blueprint for turning franchises around.

And expect more of the same against Philadelphia.

Tampa's elite pitching carried them through the Boston series, helping to silence the big bats. Although both Boston and Philadelphia are both offense oriented teams in a small ballpark, their lineup is very different. The Red Sox's main threats were all right-handed while sluggers Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit from the left side. Switch-hitting Jimmy Rollins also presents a tough problem for Tampa. At the top of the lineup, he can wreak havoc on the basepaths with his speed.

The key for the Rays in subduing the Phillie weapons will be David Price. The 23 year-old rookie should come into the game out of the bullpen, most times to retire those left-handers. In Game 7 of the ALCS, Price closed the game in a pressure situation, so the World Series' stage shouldn't bother him.

The Philadelphia pitching is adequate but will not be enough against the hard-hitting and speedy Rays.

Rays in 6

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Jamie said...

Hey, Einstein, the 2008 World Series was the 104th World Series.