Monday, October 6, 2008

Magical October for Cubs

There are many types of magic. There is Merlin’s magic. There is Disney’s magic. And there is black, dark, unfortunate magic.

This is the magic that the Chicago Cubs have dealt with for the past century. Some people thought this year would be different, just maybe. But no. This year has been the most optimistic year in a while but is now just like every other one: failures.

Coming into the postseason, they had hoped for a World Series ring, for the curse to end. But they left the playoffs in Los Angeles disappointed, saddened and hated by the impossible-to-displease Cubs fans.

With the four errors in Game 2, the Cubbies dropped the ball and the hopes of all of the North Side of Chicago.

The Dodgers finished 13 games behind the Cubs, but were only 2 games behind in the games Manny Ramirez played in for LA. Chicago was clearly the better team with better pitching and better hitting. But they failed to win even a game.

Call it the Billy Goat Curse. Call it the Bartman Curse. Or maybe call it allergies…to the trophy.

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