Thursday, October 9, 2008

MLB's League Championship Series

Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia - Both teams come into the series on a roll following beatdowns of Central teams. Manny Ramirez leads the hot-hitting Dodgers into Philly after sweeping the Cubs, who were supposed to win it all. The Dodgers aren't a one-man show, though. They have good young arms like Chad Billingsley and veteran ones like Derek Lowe. The Dodgers have the better pitching in the series, better than Philly's Hamels-Myers-Moyer rotation. Although the Phillies carry big bats, Los Angeles should be able to silence Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. The "x-factor" will be Shane Victorino. As Victorino goes, the Phillies go. But I don't think he will get going.

Dodgers in 6

Boston vs. Tampa Bay - Both Boston and Tampa Bay were able to rest their starters and set up their rotation as they pleased because of their four game series wins in the divisional round. Now, although owning the the better record, Tampa Bay enters the series the underdog because of their youth and inexperience. Boston returns much of its championship team from last year and players from other winning teams like Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell (Marlins, 2003). The Rays have some big bats and nice players, but even in the comforts of the "Trop," expect the Red Sox to be unfazed and take care of business. Ultimately, the Sox pitchers will decide the series. The 1-2-3 rotation of Matsuzaka-Beckett-Lester is unmatched by the Rays offense or pitching. Despite that, expect the scrappy Rays to stick around with the powerful Red Sox.

Red Sox in 7

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