Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football is a Contact Sport

What else would you expect out of football?

A sport where trying to kill the guy with the ball seems to be the focal point. A sport where at least four injury timeouts are to be expected per game. So why wouldn't the referees be any different?

Last Saturday, during South Carolina'a game against LSU, SEC Umpire Wilbur Hackett Jr. decked Gamecock QB Stephen Garcia on the 5 yard line.

A former linebacker at Kentucky, Hackett must have reverted to his old playing days tackling quarterbacks. This wasn't even an accidental hit. Far from it. In fact, Hackett lunged at Garcia, stuck out his elbow and sent him to the turf.

Garcia lied there on the ground, honestly not knowing what had just hit him. "Was that really a ref that tackled me?," Garcia seemed to think.

But lets think on the side of safety.

All 22 players on the field must wear pads and a helmet, but refs don't wear anything (except their striped unis).

So next game, maybe we can get our refs a set of pads and a helmet to protect themselves while delivering punishing blows.


Patrick Roberts said...

seems pretty obvious that this was intentional... did they ever figure out what this guy was thinking?

mpdefranks said...

No, I don't think they did, I just he's just insane