Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Miss Chris Rix

Chris Rix is a Seminole. And as a University of Miami fan, I despise all Seminoles. That is, all of them except Chris Rix.

Chris Rix, though, went 0-5 against UM in his four years of starting. And after having a week to Ponder Miami's loss to FSU, I realized that I missed Rix.

Rix never had a higher completion percentage that 48% and threw 9 interceptions to his 5 TDs in games against Miami. And although some of the losses weren't entirely his fault (see kicker Xavier Beitia), but he did not win the games. In his first game against UM, as a freshman, he threw 4 INTs in a 49-27 home loss.

In 2004, when FSU blew a 10-0 lead and lost in overtime, Rix fumbled the ball on a key possession. On a 3rd down in overtime, Rix fumbled and UM recovered to all but seal their win.

And now that Christian Ponder has taken over at the helm of the 'Nole offense, I long for the days of Xavier Lee and Chris Rix. Ponder tore up the Miami defense on the ground, rushing for 140+ yards and throwing for 100+. He was less than impressive through the air, but he did something in his one start that Rix failed to do in 4 years.

Drew Weatherford and Ponder, while sometimes unimpressive, were 3-0 against the 'Canes. That is why I hate Weatherford and Ponder and why I miss Lee and Rix.

Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the days of Dorsey and Vilma and Shockey and Taylor and McGahee and Wilfork, or maybe I actually like Chris Rix.

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