Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phillies End Philadelphia's Misery

It took 25 years. It spanned 4 presidents. It witnessed the end of the Cold War. It saw Allen Iverson talk about 'practice.'

It is, or was, Philadelphia's title drought.

A drought longer and drier than most natural shortages ended with the Phillies' historic and long Game 5 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. In fact, the game might have been just as long as the drought.

During the 25 years, Philly has been teased numerous times by almost all of their teams. Last year, the Flyers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals before losing to state rival Pittsburgh. Twice in recent years, the Eagles have teased the fans. When Terrell Owens was there, he and Donovan McNabb went to the Super Bowl only to lose to Brady and the Pats. A couple years ago, after McNabb went down, able Jeff Garcia led them to the NFC Championship, only to lose. Even Allen Iverson brought the 76ers to the Finals before getting swept by the Lakers.

I'm not going to say that Philadelphia deserves this, because they don't, but they are faithful. Philly fans are classless, booing anything that moves and throwing snowballs at Santa Claus.

It was rain that preceded the World Series title, but for now, everything is sunny in Philadelphia.

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