Sunday, November 30, 2008

Only the Raiders

Can we blame this on Al Davis? Please. Pretty please.

He (and apparently, Tom Cable) is the only person stupid enough to do this. Only him. Only the Raiders.

Maybe he called in the play from upstairs. Maybe he wanted this to be practiced during the week. Maybe he wanted some more "Raider magic" (read Raider stupidity).

But there was no magic, only embarassment.

But I bet the Raiders only imagined a touchdown when lining up for a field goal. The players knew the play, at least, I think they did. The play was a fake field goal, a play in which punter/holder Shane Lechler would catch the ball, fake that he is holding for a field goal attempt, then flip the ball to kicker Sebastian Janikowski, who will be running behind the holder to receive the lateral.

And it had been done before, last year when LSU's Matt Flinn and Colt David executed it to perfection. But they are the Tigers, and these are the Raiders.

These Raiders failed. Miserably.

When Lechler attempted to pitch the ball to Janikowski, a Kansas City Chief (one of those terrible Chiefs) stepped in front of the lateral and took it to the house.

In fact, the pitch wasn't even close. It was between his legs and short. But I guess we should have expected that.

So when the Raiders lost to the Chiefs, by a touchdown, there was only one excuse.

It's the Raiders.

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