Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LeBron is Going to New York, but Do We Need to Talk About it Now?

2010 is two years away. A lot can happen in two years. A lot can change.

Just two years ago, we thought Dwyane Wade was Michael Jordan. And just last year, we thought he was done.

And just two years ago, we would have never thought Eli Manning would win a title.

And just two years ago, who had ever heard of the spread offense.

And in just two years, LeBron James, the king of basketball, will be a free agent and be sure to test the market. And by test the market, I mean go to New York. So still two years away, LeBron has already created a buzz not matched or even challenged by the other stars of the free agent class of 2010: Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudamire, Steve Nash and Chris Bosh.

So why do we need to hear about LeBron's love for New York now, when there is still the rest of this season and a whole other one? Once again, the media is to blame. After all, the Cavs are 11-3, best start in franchise history.

But no one is talking about that. Everything is about 2010.

The Knicks, Cavs, LeBron or the other stars have commented on the free agent situation, but still the media feels it necessary to analyze LeBron's every move in New York.

Because we all know he will be there in the future.

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