Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 Bold Predictions for 2009

With the new year comes new faces, games and championships. This is what I expect from 2009.

· The BCS will cause controversy.

· Brett Favre will retire, I think.

· The New York Giants will win their second consecutive Super Bowl title.

· The Yankees big payroll will get them in the playoffs, but will not win the championship.

· The Spread offense will produce another Heisman winner.

· Chris Paul and Deron Williams will cement their spot among the elite with LeBron, Kobe and D-Wade.

· A game-winning shot will not be needed in the NCAA Basketball title game because North Carolina will be in it.

· Mixed Martial Arts will replace hockey and NASCAR in the "Big Four" of sports.

· John Daly will never win another PGA Tour event.

· Sean Avery will find another team, until he comments on his teammates fashion style.


Note: I took off the entire month of December because of more pressing issues. Thanks.

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