Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is Texas Tech For Real?

The Red Raiders have long been a joke to Texas, the Big 12, and ultimately, the nation. But this year, they garner respect that has launched them to the #2 spot in the BCS Ranksings. But are they for real, can they win the Big 12 South, the Big 12 or the National Title?

The Big 12 South is the most stacked division in all of Division I-A football. With 3 top 5 teams and 4 top 13 teams, the Big 12 South offers the toughest competition in the nation. Texas Tech has finished half of their gauntlet (Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State) with wins over Texas and Oklahoma State. Meanwhile Texas has finished theirs, winning against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State while falling to Texas Tech on the road. The Sooners still have Texas Tech at home and Oklahoma State in Stillwater. OSU has been all but eliminated from contention with their 2 conference losses. The big game will be in Norman, November 22, when the Red Raiders come into town undefeated with the season on the line. Oklahoma and Texas Tech have been able to post points at blinding speeds frequently scoring in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The game is in Oklahoma so the Schooner should bring them victory. In the case of a three-way tie, the tiebreaker would be higher BCS rank. This is where it gets tricky. Texas Tech, coming off a loss to OU, will certainly drop behind Texas and Oklahoma. But where will UT and OU be placed? But its very unlikely that after a loss to Oklahoma, the Red Raiders will win the Big 12 South.

So lets pretend that Texas Tech did win the South. Would they win the Big 12 overall? Simply yes. Missouri and Kansas have not been as good as advertised. Missouri has lost at home to Oklahoma State and blown out at Texas. Kansas, meanwhile, lost 63-21 to Mike Leach and Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell. The North has no chance against the South champion.

Once again, lets pretend that Texas Tech wins the Big 12 South and the Big 12, they would appear in the National Championship in Miami. Their opponent would probably be either Alabama or Florida. The way the Gators have been playing the last few weeks, there is no one that will beat them. Not even Texas Tech.

Are the Raiders for real? A resounding yes. Will they win the title? A resounding no.

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