Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Athletes = Politicians

In the spirit of Election Day 2008, I have decided to compare the main figures in this year's election to sports stars of today.

-John McCain
Old, grizzled, stiff war veteran.
-Brett Favre
Old, gray-bearded, unmobile, football player.

-Sarah Palin
Good-looking, funny, full of personality, unfit for leadership.
-Shaquille O'Neal
Funny, never shuts up, unfit for leadership (see ruins in Los Angeles and Miami)

-Barack Obama
Enthusiastic, inexperienced, welcomes change to Washington.
-Gilbert Arenas
Eccentric, inexperienced (never been past the 2nd round), and would always welcome a change, or championship to Washington.

-Joe Biden
Bland, boring, vanilla, gets it done.
-Tim Duncan
The Big Fundamental has 4 rings.

-Ralph Nader
In the race most of the time, but never wins.
-Chicago Cubs
Close the last few tears, but 100 year drought continues.

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