Monday, November 3, 2008

BCS Starts to Stir Pot

You would think they would finally get it right. But no.

After controversies in '00 and '01 and '03 and '04 and '06, one would hope that the BCS would maybe get an iota of intelligence. Oh, that's right, they're computers, they don't make mistakes. Or do they?

Of course they do.

This Sunday, when the new, updated, but still wrong BCS rankings were unvealed, Texas Tech was at No. 2 and Texas was at No. 4.

Ok, so Texas lost on the road to a terrific, tough Texas Tech team. Ok, the Big Ten isn't as strong as the Big XII. And ok, Graham Harrell will win the Heisman. But the Big XII's supremacy has been given too much respect (as if that was possible).

Penn State has demolished every opponent in front of them, except for the Ohio State game that was in Columbus. They have proven themselves against worthy opponents and don't deserve to be dropped to No. 3 after not playing.

With Florida's destructive dismantling of Georgia, they were primed for a huge jump in the rankings. But they didn't. They jumped a few teams (see USC, Oklahoma), but did not jump Texas. The Gators have been playing the best football in the nation since their loss to Ole Miss in late September yet still need a lot of help to make it to the National Title Game. Florida should have made it to No. 4, but are instead planted behind the Longhorns.

And I may be a dreamer, but maybe the BCS will get it right this year.

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