Monday, November 10, 2008

What Will Mike Singletary Do Next?

Because Mike Singletary is such a crazy cat (see Vernon Davis and trouser drop), it got me thinking: What will he do next?

-Grow a mustache and wear a sweater vest (a la Mike Ditka).

-Trade his entire draft for a running back (a la Mike Ditka).

-Appear in a Will Ferrell movie (a la Mike Ditka).

-Apply for Chippendale membership.

-Drop his pants for the halftime interview.

-Do the Full Monty.

-Do the Super Bowl Shuffle during halftime to get his message across.

-Send the waterboy to the showers.

-Get the hell out of San Francisco. Oh, wait, he can't. Oops.

-Play linebacker for San Fran.

-Kill himself after seeing how bad the Niners are.

-Try to beat the Cardinals (yeah, right).

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