Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Each State Voted the Way The Did

On the day after the election, it is time to dissect the various reasons why each state voted for the candidate they chose...sports style. Republican candidate John McCain is from Arizona and Democratic winner Barack Obama is from Illinois.

Alabama (McCain) - Auburn alum Karlos Dansby stars for surprising Arizona Cardinals.

Alaska (McCain) - Big hockey fans (there's not much else) vote Republican.

Arizona (McCain) - Pat on the back for successful year in Phoenix.

Arkansas (McCain) - Deep South in SEC country strongly dislikes Big Ten football.

California (Obama) - Special thank you from USC to Illinois for the easy Rose Bowl win.

Colorado (Obama) - Rockie fans know who one of their top rivals is: the Arizona D'Backs.

Connecticut (Obama) - UConn basketball is 2-1 all-time against Fighting Illini.

Delaware (Obama) - The Fighting Blue Hens of Delware are 2-0 all-time against powerhouse Southern Illinois football.

District of Columbia (Obama) - Wanted change in Washington, especially the Nationals.

Florida (Obama) - University of Miami has never won the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona.

Georgia (McCain) - Deep South in SEC country strongly dislikes Big Ten football.

Hawaii (Obama) - Obama's unique and quirky style appeal to the Hawaii Warriors.

Idaho (McCain) - Boise State Broncos' reminisce their miracle Fiesta Bowl victory.

Illinois (Obama) - Self pity after White Sox's early exit in playoffs.

Indiana (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Iowa (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Kansas (McCain) - Jayhawks basketball was first in the country, as well as "Country First."

Kentucky (McCain) - Arizona has 3 horse racing tracks, a staple in Kentucky.

Louisiana (McCain) - New Orleans Hornets and Phoenix Suns share up-and-down style.

Maine (Obama) - Red Sox's affiliate Portland Sea Dogs sympathize with Cub fans' misery.

Maryland (Obama) - Baltimore Ravens moved from Cleveland, which is somewhat close to Chicago.

Massachusetts (Obama) - Red Sox fans sympathize with Cub fans' misery.

Michigan (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Minnesota (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Mississippi (McCain) - Mississippi's college rivalries similar to Arizona's.

Missouri (Tie) - Want their Royals to emulate D'Backs' turnaround success but also want to thank Illinois for easy season opening win.

Montana (McCain) - Grizzlies from the Big Sky vote for fellow conference school Northern Arizona.

Nebraska (McCain) - Huskers won one national title in the Fiesta Bowl.

Nevada (Obama) - Las Vegas feels the need to play back depressed and bankrupt Cubs' fans.

New Hampshire (Obama) - University of New Hampshire Wildcats share small school vibe with Bradley Braves, located in Illinois.

New Jersey (Obama) - MLS's MetroStars and Chicago Fire are a couple of the few remaining MLS teams.

New Mexico (Obama) - New Mexico Lobos are neighborly rivals with the Arizona teams.

New York (Obama) - New York City has a total of 7 pro teams, comparing nicely with Chicago's 5.

North Carolina (Tie) - Tar Heels basketball is first in the country, but can not decide if it's "Country First."

North Dakota (McCain) - Proud North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey alum Matt Jones plays for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Ohio (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Oklahoma (McCain) - Sooners really want to go to Fiesta Bowl.

Oregon (Obama) - Oregon and Oregon State's rivalries with Arizona and Arizona State loom large.

Pennsylvania (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Rhode Island (Obama) - Brown and Chicago remember the glory days of college football in the 1800s.

South Carolina (McCain) - University of South Carolina under Steve Spurrier do not need change.

South Dakota (McCain) - Sioux Falls Stampede of the USHL are fierce rivals with the Chicago Steel.

Tennessee (McCain) - Nashville Predators often feast on Phoenix Coyotes.

Texas (McCain) - Loved the Mavs so much, figured they would vote for another "Maverick."

Utah (McCain) - BYU and Utah like McCain's underdog status.

Vermont (Obama) - Vermont Lake Monsters are an affiliate of the Nationals, who need "change" in Washington.

Virginia (Obama) - Virginia fans unhappy with West Virginia winning the Fiesta Bowl last year.

Washington (Obama) - Washington and Washington State's rivalries with Arizona and Arizona State loom large.

West Virginia (McCain) - Mountaineers hate Rich Rodriguez, who bolted for Michigan, which is close to Illinois.

Wisconsin (Obama) - Big Ten states show "brotherhood."

Wyoming (McCain) - Wyoming Cowboys helped create the Fiesta Bowl.

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