Monday, January 5, 2009

Will Ferrell = Playoff Football

With the beginning of the playoffs and the elimination of four more teams, I thought it fitting for a Will Ferrell characters. Ferrell, along with Seth Rogen and vintage Adam Sandler, is in the top tier of gloriously funny actors. The teams should feel honored to be compared to Mr. Will Ferrell.

-Talladega Nights' Ricky Bobby
Cocky, confident race-car driver gets stiff competition from a man from a foreign culture (France).
-Tennessee Titans
Cinfident, resilient Titans face stiff competition from a foreign culture (Pittsburgh).

-Step Brothers' Brennan Huff
Remains tough and friends with Dale, his newfound rival, even after getting beat up.
-Pittsburgh Steelers
Tough attitude remains from Cowher era and after the Titans' late season beatdown.

-Blades of Glory's Chazz Michael Michaels
The flashy ice skater's late injury forces him to try the other role of the Iron Lotus, and succeeds.
-San Diego Chargers
Chargers' star running back LaDanian Tomlinson's injury forces Darren Sproles into the spotlight, and succeeds.

-Wedding Crashers' Chazz
While trying to teach novice wedding crasher John his ways, all he wants his mom's meatloaf.
-Baltimore Ravens
While trying to teach rookie quarterback Joe Flacco the ropes, all they want is a title.

-Kicking & Screaming's Phil Weston
Phil's team, the Tigers were soft and horrible before the arrival of Mike Ditka.
-New York Giants
Giants were horrible and soft before the arrival of tough disciplinarian Tom Coughlin.

-Old School's Frank the Tank
Name says it all for Frank.
-Carolina Panthers
Jonathan Stewart and defense fit "tank" role for the Panthers.

-Elf's Buddy
Unexpected surprise visitor from North Pole brings originality and spirit to New York.
-Arizona Cardinals
Unexpected surprise visitor from Phoenix brings cute and original passing offense not seen before in Arizona.

-Anchorman's Ron Burgundy
The best ever before stumbling on a broadcast, insulting the city around him. Later rebounds to cover the panda story.

-Philadelphia Eagles
Started strong while looking like Super Bowl contenders but midseason swoon almost caused them to miss playoffs, but they made it.

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